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True Success

…To take people WITH you on your adventure.

True Success

Do you ever stop to ask yourself why you do what you do?

I’m talking to

…the single mom who’s busting her butt at a job while raising two kids

…the white collar business man who works 70 hours a week barely having time to grab a coffee

…the entrepreneur who focuses on the grind while ignoring the people she hopes to spend all her time with one day

…the working parents who rarely get to see their kids because they HAVE to work to make it

You may think your answer is money, your kids, your family….

But what you need to consider is that that stuff is just inside your REAL reason why.

The real reason why anyone does what they do is because they want to achieve their passion. But what 90% of us don’t realize, is that grinding doesn’t equal our passion..even as an end result. For most of us, our passion involves our loved ones, helping people, and time to spend with both…

…But grinding, only alienates everyone.

You don’t want to grind for years, only to get to where you feel like you finally “made it”…only to realize you still aren’t fulfilled because you missed time with and alienated those who love you and you care about along the way.

You CAN achieve and follow your passion, without alienating everyone. You don’t have to keep your head down, spend all your time at a job, etc….

You, your passion, your story, your loved ones…the things that drive you…those things can be the very things that help you to truly be successful.

Drop the STUFF…not the PEOPLE.

See the people you love, the people you want to help—when you bring them on your adventure with you, not only do you fulfill your passion of helping others and spending more time with those you care about…you can change more lives.

Amazing thought, right?

You might think, oh that sounds great…in theory.

But here’s the thing, it’s not theory. When you ACTUALLY focus on those who love you, those you love, and those you want to love on more…and you communicate YOUR message (not a regurgitated message you’ve heard from someone else), you’ll not only have success yourself, but you’ll help create it for so many people.

A lot of us are scared to let people in. We think if we open up, no one will want to accompany us on our adventure. But that’s just not true. People desperately want connection. People are starving for connection. When you connect, authentically…you can change the world. But you have to be transparent and connected to those closest to you first. Maybe those people are your people, because they were placed there to help you accomplish your big dreams…and you their big dreams! Ever think about that? 😀 Exciting isn’t it!?

And when we become completely transparent and offer love openly, lives completely change. We all have ‘things’. Which means we all have ways to connect. And when we open ourselves up for connection, we truly move closer to our true authentic self. We do what we want. We spend time with the people who love us. We can impact more people authentically.

You’ve heard the saying…

REAL isn’t who’s with you at your celebration…REAL is who is standing next to you at rock bottom.

I believe that if you’re neglecting everything NOW that makes you feel relaxed and happy, like those people I mentioned above, then you’re not getting closer to being fulfilled…but further away. See, I think you may be pretty close to rock bottom if you’re one of those people above, and if you’re so focused on grinding away…you’re pushing away those who are there for you at rock bottom. You can’t connect with those who mesh with you, b/c your head is so far down pushing toward a goal that you’re totally missing.

You cant be the person you want to be in your business/your success,  if your relationships that mean most to you are lacking.

If your goal is to spend time with those you love, experience time-freedom, and impact others….doing something that doesn’t include those people, is only getting you further away.

See, things work better when we do them TOGETHER. Opportunities arise when people come together to work on them. Life is better when two or more minds work together for one good.

Do you have someone (or someones) in your life who you mesh with? Bet things would happen faster, more authentically, and just like you want them to if you’d work together. Don’t shut out those who stand with you because you’re focused on what could happen later. NOW is all you’re promised.

That doesn’t mean stop working toward your goal…

It means take those who care about you and those you care about WITH you. Don’t shut them out. Don’t ignore them. You have a circle of people for a PURPOSE. And I’m a believer that when you link up with people who have been placed in your life who you care about, and your stories mesh together, you can conquer more than you know.

Stories make life. You have people you care about, take those people along with you. Make them a part of completing your goals. It’s better together.

We’re so wrapped up in what everyone else says about success that we forget that success…is sharing happiness with others. Impacting those around us. Impacting on a small scale that then translates to a HUGE scale…all because we focused on relationships with those closest to us.

So if you’re one of those people like I mentioned above, make it a goal to look up. Forget thinking you need to bear the weight of your dreams and goals alone. Allow those who care for you to be in on it. You love them, they love you. Get together on your goals. Dreams happen when you work together with people who believe in you.


PS You may see a lot of people in my company and others like it (direct sales and internet marketers in general), who talk about grinding day in and day out because the reward will be worth it. If you decide you’re on my blog for a reason and want to join me in what I do to be a stay at home, single mom…I want you to know that I don’t push that. I don’t work like that. I believe in balance. Some days I bust my tail, and other days I don’t. But I believe that we are never promised tomorrow, so living today is important. Relationships today are important, and I will never expect someone to neglect people in order to grow an empire. It’s possible to have both <3


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