Does the 90 day challenge work?

Does the 90 Day Challenge Work?

Does the 90 Day Challenge work?

You know, social proof tends to say that it does! Honestly, anytime that you replace your fast food, hurried eating, sucky diet with three shakes a day which include high levels of protein and low levels of calories, you are sure to lose a little weight!

But that’s not really what I mean when I ask “Does the 90 Day Challenge Work?”.

Most protein shakes are pretty comparable. There are a lot of different brands, all boasting that they are the best. And you might think that calories, protein, amount of sugar, carbs, etc are the important numbers to look at. You may even think that cost is the most important number when comparing shakes.

LISTEN NOW: HANDS DOWN, the single most important factor to look at when looking at protein shakes is the KIND of sweetener used.

One shake brand could have 10g of sugar while the other only has 1g… but not all sweeteners are created equal. If your shake that has only 1g of sugar is supplemented for taste with artificial sweeteners, you might as well hang up your diet before you even start!You may think that the shake brand with 10g of sugar is the poor choice, but when comparing REAL sugar with artificial sweetener, the benefits of real sugar SOAR.

Artificial sweetener is linked to all sorts of negative side effects especially in regards to dieting and weight loss.
Does the 90 Day Challenege work?
Much research has been done regarding Artificial Sweeteners and Dieting and you might be surprised to know that according to the article previously linked, “Researchers say artificial sweeteners may interfere with the body’s natural ability to count calories based on a food’s sweetness and make people prone to overindulging in other sweet foods and beverages.”

So basically, artificial sweeteners cause your body to overindulge in other sweet things because it wasn’t sweet enough! So DOES the 90 day challenge work?

Here’s the thing, your body knows what to do with REAL foods. (The same goes for butter… NOT margarine!) Our bodies are designed to work well with natural, real foods. Our body sees real sugar as something it knows what to do with. When we put artificial sweeteners into a protein (diet) shake, we cause our body to consume something foreign. It throws us off balance. Our body’s natural ability to count calories and feel full and satisfied is thrown off.

Can I be sarcastic for a moment? What good is a diet/protein shake which has artificial sweeteners in it if it causes our bodies to WANT MORE SWEETS!? *OK, sarcastic moment over* (Thanks for allowing that!)

Ask yourself, does the 90 day challenge work? Check the label on the back of that silver/purple bag and check for fake sugar. Bet you’ll find it! And now you’ll know that it’s not gonna work for you.
Does the 90 Day Challenege work?

Does the 90 day challenge work?

Not all protein shakes are created equal! Price range may be similar. Calories and carbs may be similar, but think about your weight loss goals… think about your body! Choose a protein shake which is all natural and contains real foods. It will help your weight loss goals as well as keep you HEALTHY, which is really the man focus of all of us.

If you want a protein shake that others pale in comparison to, check out Ultimate ProFit Shakes. They don’t use artificial sweeteners (one of the only protein shakes on the market that doesn’t!), the protein count is high (allowing you to go longer between meals and helping to build that lean muscle mass), and the taste is unbeatable.

Oh, and if you want loads of flavors, options and combinations for your protein shake regimen, check this out!!! 🙂

It Works Ultimate Profit
It Works Ultimate Profit
It Works Ultimate Profit

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  1. Dawn Strock
    2 years ago

    I’m interested in more info concerning the challenge & possible joining your team. First I am lactose intolerance so how can I use the shakes. Thank you, Dawn

    • Hot Mama Body Wraps
      2 years ago

      Hi Dawn,
      Our shakes do contain whey protein isolate (milk), so I believe you’d need to steer clear of the shakes.
      To chat more about the challenge (replacements and ideas) and team, you can text me at 765-382-WRAP or email me at hotmamabodywraps at gmail dot com

      I look forward to chatting with you! 🙂

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