Do stretch marks go away!? THEY CAN!

Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

Stretch Mark Cream and Moisturizer

You find yourself asking, “DO stretch marks go away!?”

Well here’s the thing, I was asking myself the same thing! I’d had two babies (first baby=no stretch marks! so I thought I would get away with NO stretch marks! however, it’s a cruel cruel world and so I ended up with stretch marks with my 2nd baby), and had gotten some slight stretch marks. And so I wondered, do stretch marks go away!?

Truth be told—-NOT ON THEIR OWN! 🙁

And not without the perfect solution either!

I tried EVERYTHING! EVER.Y.THING! I tried all of the home remedies. I tried other brands of creams and solutions. I tried infomercial stuff. Nothing seemed to be working. So I pretty much gave up. Mine weren’t horrendous, and I wasn’t real thrilled about my post-baby pudge to consider wearing a two-piece anytime soon anyway! So I just didn’t worry about it anymore!

So then, I lost THAT LAST 20 POUNDS!!! WOO HOO!!! (you can read about that here!) 🙂

And all of a sudden, I had lost the pudge and toned up a little bit, and I wanted to wear a two-piece bathing suit this summer!!!

Oh, but those pesky little …grr…do stretch marks go away!??!??!

I had heard a LOT of people asking, “do stretch marks go away?” in the It Works Global world b/c we sell a stretch mark cream! I hadn’t tried it yet and figured, well, I’ve tried everything else almost—Why not this!? So I started! Daily, I showered and slathered that beautifully skinny, toned belly with our Stretch Mark & Moisturizer Cream!


GOOD BYE STRETCH MARKS! Well for the most part! haha I’ve been using the cream religiously for about 2-3 weeks and my stretch marks aren’t really even visible to the normal eye. Of course you know how we all over-analyze ourselves, so I nit-pick and find my stretch marks.

BUT just a few weeks ago, I went to San Diego and I rocked a bikini and I was NOT scared! 😀

Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

So you ask me, do stretch marks go away!?

and I’m here to tell you YES! Yes they do! So if you’ve tried it all like I had and given up, try one more thing!

It Works Global Stretch Mark & Moisturizing Cream. I promise you’ll be SO glad you did!

Then when your mama friends ask you, “do stretch marks go away!?”, you can proudly lift your shirt and say, “HECK YES THEY DO! TRY IT WORKS!!!” 😉

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