DIY Body Wrap

What is the BEST DIY body wrap?

The best DIY body wrap is one which is safe, effective, and healthy for your body and skin. One which does not promote water weight loss. One which doesn’t require you to create your own wrap by spreading a mix of gel onto cling wrap. One which is simple and easy and WORKS!


Where to buy the best DIY body wrap?

If you want to buy the It Works DIY body wrap, you have a couple options.

**Contact me for a single wrap (not recommended, as a full application is FOUR wraps. However, MOST people see great results after their 1st wrap) at 765-382-WRAP

**Buy a full application at retail cost- $99/four body wraps-CLICK HERE!

**Get the discount and get a full application for only $59/four body wraps-CLICK HERE and become an It Works Loyal Customer!


How to get the BEST results from our DIY body wrap!

When you follow these SIMPLE instructions, you will see awesome results every time with the It Works DIY body wrap!

1. Before and after photos are KEY!

A photo from the front and side before you wrap. A photo after you remove the wrap, in the same positions. A photo after 24 hours, in the same positions. And a last set of photos after 72 hours, in the same positions. Compare all 8 photos side-by-side!

DIY Body Wrap

2. After you take your before photos, take a warm shower. Don’t use soaps or lotions on the area you plan to wrap. This helps open the pores so that your body can absorb the formula which is already on the wraps!

3. Apply the wrap to the desired area.

DIY Body Wrap

4. Drink half of  your weight in ounces of water on the day you wrap and daily for 72 hours after your wrap. If you weigh 120lbs, you should drink 60 ounces of water (7.5 cups).  This step is MOST important! The more you drink, the more you shrink!

5. Steer clear of toxins like alcohol, diet sodas, smoking, and greasy fatty foods. This deters the wrap ingredients from working best!

6. Try not to sweat during the wrap process. While the wrap is on, you want your pores to be open so that all of the goodness that’s on the wrap can get into your body.

7. Enjoy your tighter, toner, firmer skin! Enjoy the minimized appearance of cellulite and stretch marks!

What to expect the first time you use a wrap:

* You will Tighten, Tone & Firm! 90-95% get results with the first application

* You will bloat! Don’t be alarmed! This is actually a good thing. You absorbed so quickly that you started releasing toxins faster than your body could handle and caused a toxic bloat. Drink the recommended amount of water to help the body flush out the toxins. Typically, those that bloat , experience greater results!

* Nothing will happen! You are absorbing the lotion slowly while it is working its way down through the pores of the skin. Keep drinking water and continue to measure. If you do not experience visible results after 3 days, it could mean your pores are clogged and the product cannot get through to the fat cells. Wait 3 days and try another Applicator.

* Use Body Applicator(s) once every 72 hours.

diy body wrap

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