Do It Yourself Body Wraps

Do It Yourself Body Wraps
Body Wrap

It Works Global Ultimate Body Applicator A.K.A Body Wrap!!

Are you looking for an easy, discreet, do-it-yourself body wrap!? The Ultimate Body Applicator is for you!

As a loyal customer, you can have FOUR do it yourself body wraps delivered to your door for less than $20 EACH! The wraps come with instructions so that you can successfully wrap from home! Also included is a personal link to me so that you can contact me and ask me any and all questions about your wrap experience! But really, these wraps are so simple to use, and the results are phenomenal! Body wraps before and after pictures are surfacing everyday! But don’t be fooled, our wraps are different than the norm! Our wraps are all natural! It Works body wraps enhance the skin and body rather than harming the body like other wraps! Read on for more info! :)

What are you waiting for!? Don’t you want to TIGHTEN, TONE, and FIRM those trouble areas lightening fast with do it yourself body wraps!??!?

Want to skip the salon? Skip the stranger wrapping your most troubled areas? Our do it yourself body wraps can be done by YOU in your own home. Slap on a wrap, and get skinny while you do your daily home activities. They’re also so discreet, you can wear them to the grocery or out running errands! How simple is that?! These wraps are designed for the busy lifestyle, and to help you save a little GREEN! We know money is tight, but we also know looking and feeling your best is top priority! We believe that shelling out money for expensive, harmful body contouring is CRAZY! These crazy wrap things WORK, and they don’t cost a ton of money!

Do It Yourself Body Wraps are catching on…will you get in on the SKINNY!?

These wraps are taking the world by storm! It Works do it yourself body wraps are simple, affordable, and they WORK! DUH-that’s why we’re called IT WORKS! :) Our patented botanically based formula is unlike anything on the market. We aren’t a water weight loss company–that’s just POINTLESS! Our wraps are designed so that you are encouraged to drink TONS of water! We believe in hydration, health, and SKINNY!

Have questions still? Check out this link.

Become a loyal customer today to get up to 50% off all It Works products for life! That means FOUR WRAPS FOR ONLY $59!!!

It Works Body Wraps

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