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DIrect Selling Opportunities


Are you looking for direct selling opportunities?

Direct Selling OpportunitiesThe way the economy is trending, the focus is going away from solid, set-in-stone job security. The job market is going toward performance based work. See, big corporations are finally catching on to what network marketing/direct sales has been rockin’ with for YEARS AND YEARS!

See with direct selling opportunities, you work for yourself. If you put in the effort, you reap the rewards. It’s pretty simple, but it takes someone with an entrepreneurial spirit!

Are direct selling opportunities for me?

Lots of people get into network marketing at least once in their life, and most people tend to fail (or THINK they failed). Then they blame the opportunity. When, in reality, THEY didn’t put in the work OR they didn’t persevere. See, perseverance is KEY in direct selling opportunities.

Network marketing is all about developing relationships. Most people go into direct sales looking for the SALE. When really, we should be looking for the RELATIONSHIP!

Think about this…

Let me give you two scenarios and you can tell me which you’d respond more positively to…

1)      Hello Mrs Johnson, how are you today? Oh good, hey listen, I started selling cookware. Could you help me out and buy a set? I’m trying to hit my goal for the month.

2)      Hello Mrs Johnson, how are you today? Oh good, how was that dinner party you had last week? I saw you had a great turnout! I know you’re quite the cook! 🙂 How is the cookware you have working for you? Oh, it’s started sticking, that’s too bad. I started using XBrand cookware a few months ago and I really love it, would you like to borrow mine and see how you’d like it the next time you have a party?  (This sets the RELATIONSHIP TONE. It doesn’t go for the sale. It forces the “salesperson” to follow up. It allows the customer to feel cared for, instead of scammed or sold…. See the difference?)

So which option would you choose? Yeah, theres a kicker here…

Most people can tell if a “salesperson” is sincere. If option two above was given by someone who deep down was just going for the sale only, the customer would be able to tell, and would likely say no thank you.

Sincerity and caring is KEY!

If you don’t care about people, direct selling opportunities are NOT for you!

Direct selling opportunities are a dime a dozen

….but which one is best for you?

When choosing, what should you look for? In yourself and in the company?

Direct selling opportunities all work much the same way, but there are a few KEY differences that will help you make a great decision!

Is the company fairly new? (Approximately 10-20 years old or less)

Does the company have a product/s that you can’t buy anywhere else? (No one wants to buy something they can get at the store for cheaper)

Does the company pay out at a high percentage?

What is the cost/month to you?

Do you have time to devote to your new business each day/week/month?

Are you willing to learn NEW ways and disregard the way you THINK direct selling opportunities work?

And those are just a few of the questions to ask of yourself and your opportunity before you decide which one you’ll work with to change your life!


*insert shameless promotion here*

Let me answer those questions above in regards to becoming an It Works distributor! 🙂

*It Works is less than 20 years old, and expanding everyday to countries and states and cities who haven’t even HEARD of It Works yet…YOU could be the one to tell them!

*It Works Body Wraps, Greens, Defining Gel and more are GREAT sizzle products that you can’t find anywhere else…not in stores, spas, or online!

*It Works pays it’s distributors at 52%! That’s much higher than MOST direct sales companies.

*With It Works, there are NO mandatory fees in order to keep your distributorship. You CAN pay for a $20/month website and run an approximately $80 autoship each month to get paid. (In my opinion, if you can’t set aside enough money to cover these two CRUCIAL elements to your growing business, you should wait until you do!) Also, you can get 400BV(BV is something you learn about once you’re in, but basically it is directly related to customer orders!) instead of running that autoship. So you can be willing to work hard and get lots of customers so that you don’t have to run your $80 autoship! 😀 See? Very little investment monetarily on your part!

* Do you have time to devote? That question can only be answered by you, but I’m here to tell you that as a full-time It Works distributor and stay-at-home, single mom…the more time you devote, the bigger that paycheck!

*Are you willing to think outside the box? Another question only you can answer, but lots of people think of the old ways of network marketing. On my TEAM, we utilize NEW and EASIER and more PROFITABLE ways to market the amazing It Works line. I have TONS of awesome training on how to do EVERYTHING! 🙂

Interested in one of the best direct selling opportunities? Click here to learn more!

Ready to just get in? I would be, I believe you’re here for a reason, and It Works is going to change your life! Just click the button below!
Direct Selling Opportunities

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