Crock Pot Strawberry Jam

Crock Pot Strawberry Jam

I had a TON of strawberries! What to do!!!? Crock Pot Strawberry Jam it is!

When i got strawberries for $.99 a container this week, and then realized I’d forgotten they were in the fridge (you don’t ever do that do you!?), I realized I needed to act FAST to save them! So I thought about how I could make strawberry jam. I’ve made jam the old fashioned way before, but that’s a WHOLE lotta work! And this girl, likes to do things the EASY WAY! So I thought, there has to be a crock pot strawberry jam recipe out there that I have everything for! Turns out I was in luck b/c there are quite a few renditions!

What do you need for crock pot strawberry jam?

Crock Pot Strawberry Jam
2 lbs of strawberries

4c sugar

AND either pectin, 1/4c lemon juice, or unflavored gelatin

See here’s the thing. Every recipe I saw called for pectin or lemon juice. I had neither, but I DID have gelatin. The feedback on the jam made with lemon juice wasn’t very good as far as the jelly setting up, so I got to thinking that my random box of unflavored gelatin (that’s literally been in my cabinet for a year) might do the trick of making my jelly GEL! When you’re making crock pot strawberry jam, it’s a bit of a gamble, but it’s ALWAYS good…runny or thick! 🙂

How do you put it all together!? It has to be tricky making crock pot strawberry jam!

WRONG! It’s SIMPLY SIMPLE! You’ll be amazed!

De-stem your strawberries. I do it the EASY way 🙂
Crock Pot Strawberry Jam

You can either leave them whole or quarter them. I quartered mine 🙂
Crock Pot Strawberry JamCrock Pot Strawberry Jam
I added the gelatin over the top of the strawberries.
Crock Pot Strawberry Jam
I added the sugar.
Crock Pot Strawberry Jam
Gave it a stir and put the lid on and cranked her up to high!
Crock Pot Strawberry Jam
After four hours, this is what my crock pot strawberry jam looked like!
Crock Pot Strawberry Jam
So I took it out and let it cool in my little tupperware containers. Ideally, you would put them in canning jelly jars and seal them if you want to keep your jelly for up to a year. But we’ll eat this in a MINUTE(better grab my Fat Fighters now!!), so I just keep mine in the fridge in these containers. 🙂 The longer it sits, the more gelled it gets too! 🙂
Crock Pot Strawberry JamCrock Pot Strawberry Jam

Let me know how YOURS turns out! 🙂

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