CopyCat Panera Tortellini Alfredo

CopyCat Panera Tortellini Alfredo Recipe

copycat panera tortellini alfredo

Tonight for dinner, I re-created a copycat Panera Tortellini Alfredo dish that ended up being TO DIE FOR!

A few months back, my bbff and I stopped at Panera (as we often do when we make a trip to Whole Foods for groceries). I decided to try something different than my normal bread bowl filled with broccoli-cheddar soup (let’s all say MMMMMM in unison now!). I was nervous to deviate…but MAN was I glad I did!

I got the cheese tortellini with no chicken. And it was GOOD. Perfect texture, creamy, cheesy, just the right spices. Oh man, I can taste it.

Oh wait, I did 😉

So tonight as I was craving it, I set out to make a copycat Panera tortellini alfredo dish that both of my kids would like…

Let me just say…


And the best part is, I made it with stuff I naturally just have in my pantry and fridge!

One new thing that I had, which inspired me to re-create this recipe though was fresh cheese tortellini. I often frequent our local Aldi about twice a month because they have REALLY cool and diverse stuff sometimes. This week, they had 3 veggie tortellini packages. I picked up a few, hoping that they would work with whatever sauce I came up with.

CopyCat Panera Tortellini Alfredo Recipe

BOY, did they!

So let’s get right to it…

CopyCat Panera Tortellini Alfredo


About 2.5 servings of tortellini (mine was stuffed with a blend of 3 cheeses)


1/2 can of cream of chicken soup

1/2 bar of cream cheese

3 T good quality salted butter

1/2 c milk

1 T dried onion

about 3T Italian seasoning (more or less to taste)


Now, get prepared for this… because your socks are about to be blown off by how easy this is…

Boil your tortellini.

Mix sauce ingredients in a pan and heat on low until all ingredients are melted together.

Pour over tortellini and toss.


Die of enjoyment.

Repeat. 😉

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings, and I hope you try my CopyCat Panera Tortellini Alfredo Recipe! You can pin the image on Pinterest so you can save the recipe in your arsenal of delicious home-cooked meal ideas here. 😉



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