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Hi readers! 馃檪

Can I just take a minute to blog with you and talk about life? I don’t do this all that often, and honestly, I probably should take the time to blog about something relevant to physical health and It Works more since I haven’t blogged for awhile…

…but sometimes life just smacks you in the face with something…or a few somethings that just KEEP smacking you in the face with the same idea in different ways. Or pertaining to different aspects of your life.

Has that happened to you?

This past weekend, a thought came to my mind. Late at night. I kept mulling it over and eventually got up to write it down so that I could remember it in the morning. I posted it on my Facebook (duh, LOVE Facebook!).

Randomly….I mean LITERALLY outta no where I decided that I should watch The Secret. Someone super important in my life had been talking about it a few days before, but I didn’t really give it much thought…just that I had been meaning to watch it. I had no intentions to bust right home and watch it or anything. So outta no where, that next morning, my brain decided to think “Let’s watch THE SECRET!”. (PS you can search it on YouTube…its about an hour and a half long). It’s an amazing movie which teaches you to harness the power of your thoughts. When you are grateful and focusing on the things you DO want to happen rather than always the things you don’t, you attract that. Generally, whatever you think, happens!


For lots of reasons, b/c it was very sobering how much it plays into EVERY aspect of my life. BUT…about an hour in, one of the main guys…literally said the thought that I’d had the night before!

Remember, the one I had to get out of bed to write down!? The one I posted to Facebook that morning!?


*seriously, the theme song from The Twilight Show is playing in my head right now*

Oh, you wanna know the thought? I posted both of these back to back right before I got the itch to watch The Secret… The 1st in the photo was posted from a quote, but the 2nd in the photo was the one I created in my mind 馃檪
 photo Facebook_zps29b2bbbf.jpg

And then The Secret basically reworded MY thought and reiterated it to me!

Like I said…. *mind.blown*.

And that was just the 1st thing!

Cuz then I was faced with lots of different situations…

Be patient, and trust that life knows what it’s doing.

Be a blessing to those who you care most about.

Be uplifting even when you don’t feel uplifted.

Be thankful. Whatever you think about and THANK about, you bring about.


…well, change period, but changing my thoughts to bring about the things I want!


Oh, and then I randomly watched some dumb reality TV show…and this quote was said…

“…its not like at the end of your life, your career is gonna be at your bedside…”
-Tim of the Plain White Ts

AND THEN, a single, stay at home mother of two little YAYHOO boys, found an hour (while they were AWAKE!) to read an ENTIRE book … cover to cover. Granted, it was a short book, but it fit right into my weekend of light bulbs. 馃檪 What book? “Who Moved My Cheese?”. Just get it. Life and business will thank you. It’s all about change!

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? 馃檪


OK…you might be thinking WHAT do all of these have in common HEATHER! You’re rambling!

I know, I know! But bear with me, I have a point! 馃榾

 photo complacency_zps79b07240.jpg



noun, plural com路pla路cen路cies.

1.a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.

You may wonder how some of that ties into this one word, but for me it did.

I was annoyed with myself for becoming complacent. I was annoyed with the world for being complacent. Complacency came into play with my business and my personal life.

I wasn’t being thankful for what I have. I wasn’t looking for the next change that could be awesome for me! I wasn’t even being an encourager b/c I had become complacent.


It’s our duty to encourage one another! To build up the people we love! Some people that’s easy with (like my BFF) and some people it’s not so easy (like sometimes my well-meaning, but WAY over-protective of her almost 30 year old daughter mama!).

Complacency and being unwilling to conquer change together causes relationships to break down. FEAR in our own mind of what COULD happen, causes us to miss out on amazing opportunities with each other!

Not changing together and growing together causes a breakdown. And after all, the people you love聽 and the people who make you happy when you’re with them are what life is REALLY about.


Yes, change is good. Yes, striving for more is better. Yes, taking a break when things start picking up is a good thing.

NO, I can’t just sit back forever. NO, I can’t just keep doing it my way when life brings new and exciting and more productive ways of doing things! NO, my business is not my LIFE.

Taking time to stop and smell the roses. Spending time and making time for the people who matter most…that’s what’s more important. (Another Twilight moment here: THIS is yet another quote that I posted over the weekend that fit right in…”Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. “-Albert Einstein…yeah, wild huh?)

I realized that when I take the time to do the things I’m passionate about WITH PASSION (instead of complacency) and spend time with the PEOPLE I’m passionate about—-my life is MUCH more well rounded. AND I learned and will strive to quit letting my *probably unwarranted* fears of what COULD happen, mess up my willingness to try new things that WILL MORE THAN LIKELY work out and make me happy!

Personal lesson 101 for you…hope you can take something from my 5 days of creepily, interlocked and overlapped quotes, thoughts, books, and movies 馃檪

Thanks for reading my ramblings today!


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