Celebrity Diet Tricks

Celebrity Diet Tricks

You’ve heard of all of the crazy celebrity diet tricks out there right!?

celebrity diet tricks


Sometimes I’m blown away by some of the stuff celebrities come up with and try to pass off as celebrity diet tricks. Lemonade diets, soup diets, pills that just LOOK like they’re gonna make your heart palpitate right out of your chest. Sometimes the thought processes of celebrities, when it comes to dieting, are just out of this world. I mean, good grief, if I drink nothing but lemon water for three weeks—OF COURSE I’ll lose weight like a madwoman. Geeze, let’s get real here.


But here’s the thing, it seems like there’s always a few tricks and tips that seem to have some substance behind them!

Celebrity diet tricks that work!


There are some celebrity diet tricks that are smart and totally work for some people!


Two that stand out to me are eating breakfast and staying away from foods that are white. Eating breakfast does a whole host of things for your body. It jump starts your metabolism for the day causing you to burn more calories throughout the day. WIN! And as far as cutting the white foods, duh! We all know that refined, enriched, white breads and rices are SO not ok for our bodies, but always remember…when you cut the white–add the veggies!!! 🙂

Celebrity diet tricks and a few GREAT diet tips of my own! 🙂

Listen, I’ve gone from a size 11 to a size 4 in no time flat b/c of some great products (ones that don’t make your heart race out of your chest) that LOTS of celebs have endorsed. It Works products were in the swag bags at the Oscars and Emmys! And the celebs were STOKED! But the thing is, all the supplements and wraps in the world can’t help you if you don’t make a lifestyle change! Here’s a little song I like to sing (to myself and my kiddos) to help remind us to make good lifestyle choices.
Celebrity Diet Tricks
Learn to relax, get to bed on time
And do your exercise.
Breathe fresh air when the sun’s out there,
and eat like this little rhyme.
Fruits and vegetables, whole grains
white if you choose meat.
Drink what you’re mostly made of,
water makes your health complete!

Celebrity Diet Tricks or not, ^^^ that up there is a perfect little poem to help you remember how to live a lifestyle of health and wellness! 🙂

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