Can you buy It Works Body Wraps in Stores?

Can you Buy It Works Body Wraps in stores

can you buy it works body wraps in stores

Can you buy It Works body wraps in stores?

You may have searched or found this blog post b/c you were asking “can you buy It Works body wraps in stores?”. The short answer is no. You can’t. Why? Because It Works is a direct sales company, which means that it puts it’s profit in the hands of independent distributors instead of in the hands of franchises or small box stores. We are the only authorized distributors of the It Works body wraps, so you can only buy them from individuals. This includes online and in person.


Yet people still ask, can you buy It Works body wraps in stores?

A lot of people just don’t understand how it works. See, network marketing has been around for a long time, but it’s not the most popular form of sales (although it’s trending that way! Even Donald Trump backs Network Marketing and Direct Sales!). The way it works, is that It Works doesn’t have store fronts, brick and mortar stores, or franchises. They operate with independent distributors who offer the product person to person. It’s pretty simple, and it puts the money in the hands of the people who are working the hardest as advertisers of a great brand!

So if you want to buy It Works body wraps, you have to do so through a distributor. And you’re best off, ordering online. Discreet, quick, and simple shipping…and we offer some great discounts! So don’t even bother asking can you buy It Works body wraps in stores, because you’ll get the best deal when you buy online!


So, CAN you buy It Works body wraps in stores?

NO! 🙂 But you can buy It Works body wraps online right here 🙂

To get a great deal on It Works body wraps, you can either become an It Works Loyal customer or It Works distributor. What is the difference?

It Works Loyal Customer

  • wholesale pricing
  • 3 month commitment, wholesale discount for LIFE
  • perk points earned on every order
  • access to our Fit Works Community with diet tips, workouts, recipes, and more
  • shopping sprees at 6 and 12 months
  • free shipping on orders over $125
  • and more

It Works Distributor

  • wholesale pricing
  • the ability to earn residual commission
  • bonuses
  • team building
  • career opportunity
  • unlimited income
  • and more

So you have to make your choice! Instead of asking can you  buy It Works body wraps in stores, consider asking yourself which way would best serve you and your family when it comes to It Works. Are you interested in in health and fitness only, or would you like to earn an income with these great products as well. The choice is yours! 🙂 Either way, I’m here to help! If you have further questions, you can always text me at 765-382-WRAP or you can click either button below to become an It Works loyal customer or to become an It Works Distributor! 🙂

To your success!
It Works Body Wraps
Become an It Works Distributor

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