Isn’t it amazing to see businesses giving back!?

Businesses Giving Back

It’s always awesome to see businesses giving back!

It seems like it doesn’t happen all that often or when we do see businesses giving back it’s because they are donating to a HUGE cause, and not necessarily helping out one of their own. To me it really gets my heart when I see a business looking out, helping to raise money, or matching donations for one of their OWN employees. When businesses come together like family to help EACH OTHER! It’s less “spotlight giving” and more “from the heart giving”! And I, for one, love that! 🙂

Businesses giving back to their own business family are the businesses that you want to associate with.

This weekend I witnessed one of these particular businesses giving back! It Works Global is an amazing company with leaders who are full of integrity, honesty, and faith-driven goals. The biggest goal in the company is to help it’s distributors to become debt-free. That’s awesome in it’s own right, but then I see how they reacted this weekend to this family.

Businesses Giving Back

      This family has a SUPER SWEET (and sassy!) little girl named Gemma. Gemma suffers with Chiari Malformation. She has already endured a very intense brain surgery at just three years old and has a high percentage that she’ll likely have to have ANOTHER surgery in the future. The first surgery costs upwards of $50,000.00. The family is stuggling, but will do what it takes to make sure Gemma is cared for.        Businesses Giving Back

Want to see what businesses giving back looks like? Take a look at the LINES formed to give back to this family!

Businesses Giving Back

You may not be able to see very well, but the front of this room was PACKED with people offering money in whatever form necessary to this family. See, with It Works, we are all our own separate businesses. We own our OWN business…so this photo represents not just It Works giving back, but LOTS of businesses giving back!!!!!!

I took an OUTRAGEOUS number of credit card payments and cash this weekend. People just opened their hearts and their wallets to help someone they didn’t even know! It was heart warming really. 🙂

Our leaders in the company opened their hearts like CRAZY! It was amazing! SO much money was raised for the family, but beyond that—a sense of family was developed. I felt like everyone in the room was so close. We came together for an amazing cause, of course Mom was touched beyond belief. The room was in tears and the money just kept coming. It was such a sense of community and selflessness. It was awesome. Period.

See It Works Global is FULL of people who, right before Christmas, found it in their hearts to open their wallets and their hearts to a family they didn’t know at all all because we’re a different kind of family. We’re a business family, and sometimes, that’s just as important as a blood family.

Kinda restores your faith a little doesn’t it? That there are businesses who are out there who really do care to give back! And this was just a little event…no more than 200 people. THOUSANDS of dollars were raised for this family with the help of the leaders.

Want to be a part of a company who cares about YOU more than they care about themselves? You can–we’re a team, and you’ll love every minute of it. Just click here 🙂

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