Body Wraps Canada

Body Wraps Canada

Body Wraps Canada–Want the scoop?

You’ve heard of body wraps? Right? There are lots of different types, but not all are created equal. Lots of body wraps require the salon. Lots of body wraps require a workout. Lots of body wraps require sweating. Lots of body wraps TAKE water away from your body. Don’t sound that great, do they?

Well, It Works body wraps don’t do any of that! We’re called It Works for a reason! The wrap work, and they don’t require anything WEIRD from you! These are at home body wraps, don’t require a workout, no sweating allowed, no water loss! <—AMAZING results! Check out some before and after photos here 🙂

Been looking to be a body wraps Canada customer or distributor? Keep reading!

Want to be a body wraps Canada customer?

You should? Our loyal customers get awesome discounts and perks!

  1. Discounted pricing up to 45% off
  2. Perks points for every dollar spent
  3. Shopping sprees on the company at 6 and 12 months
  4. Access to our exclusive FItWorks community
  5. Free shipping on orders over $125
  6. Wholesale pricing FOR LIFE!

As a body wraps Canada loyal customer, you get access to ALL of those AWESOME perks!

Interested in SELLING these hot little wraps to make the MONEY!?!?! Keep READING!

Want to be a body wraps Canada distributor?

You should! 😉 It Works is a network marketing/MLM company. Direct sales….

…NOW, forget everything you THINK you know about MLM, and FOCUS…

…right here…

It Works was named in the top 100 in Direct Selling News WORLDWIDE! We received the momentum award for our INCREDIBLE growth over the last year. We made the Inc 500 list, and have been featured in Success from HOME magazine for TWO years in a row. Our products have been featured in the Emmy and Grammy gift suites, so even the STARS want what we have! We have the first to market botanically based body wraps. (You learned all about those up there!^) Our wraps used to be considered a luxurious, SPA ONLY treatment in Europe until It Works bought the rights to them!

Need more It Works GOODNESS?

Our products are all natural and extremely healthy! That’s a HOT niche these days. The products sell themselves! EVERYONE wants It Works products, and if you’re a distributor, you CASH IN on selling what the people want!

Need MORE goodness before you decide if being a body wraps Canada is worth your time?

  1. YOU get to sign up for half price right now! $99 gets you your own business AND four wraps!
  2. Body wraps retail for $25-35 EACH. Our price is 4/$59. CASH IN YOUR HAND.
  3. YOU get a FREE website for your first month!
  4. You can send people to your website to sign up to buy or sell, and you make money! How much money? Keep reading…
  5. When you sign up loyal customers, you make 15% of their orders!
  6. When you sign up distributors you make up to 15% on their VOLUME!
  7. YOU get the WHOLESALE discount on ALL products!
  8. You get access to TONS of bonus incentives:
  • $600 LC bonus,
  • $100 Fast Start Bonus (paid out weekly)
  • Emerald Infinity Bonus (when you reach the Emerald rank)
  • CAB bonus (when you reach the Diamond rank) *this bonus goes HIGHER and HIGHER as you grow in rank!

9. Access to SUCCESS ON DEMAND : One of the largest collections of self-help and development on the web!
10. And MORE!!!!

Need EVEN more information about being an It Works Distributor? Just click here 🙂

Ready to join the team? Want to be a loyal customer? Click below and choose your AWESOME!

body wraps canada

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