Body Wrap Distributor

Body Wrap Distributor

Become a Body Wrap Distributor ANYWHERE! πŸ˜€

It Works GLOBAL is called GLOBAL for a reason! We’re sweeping the nations as a company that has one of the hottest health and wellness products out there! People can’t wait to get their hands on our products, and the best part? You can only order through a body wrap distributor!!! What does that mean? You have to find a person to buy from or sign up with! And the great part about our GLOBAL society, is that you don’t have to look for a distributor in your area to sign up with! You get the luxury of finding a distributor who is a great leader and who works best with YOU!

Being a body wrap distributor is an AMAZING opportunity!

Our compensation plan is KILLER! Seriously, we pay out something like 52%! I reached the diamond rank soon after I began with this company and DOUBLE diamond not long after! This company has changed my life! It set new goals in motion for me! My strongest desire is to create a successful TEAM who’s lives are changed so much that they want to go out and change other people’s lives! This opportunity..these products…they’re LIFE CHANGING! It’s EXCITING!

Are you excited yet? What amount of money would help you monthly? It’s possible with It Works! It’s POSSIBLE to make 10 TIMES your “comfortable monthly increase”! The possibilities are incredible! Check out that chart below…where would YOU LIKE TO BE!?Β  Let me help get you there! Click the pic for more info…or if you’d like to hear more from me, keep reading! πŸ™‚

 photo ItWorksDistributorLevels_zpsd47c170c.jpg

See, being a body wrap distributor on my TEAM is AWESOME! We are rocking it out! We’re all over the US, Canada, and Australia AND GROWING! I love my team, and I love helping them achieve their goals! πŸ˜€

Wanna know what you get when you sign up? Keep reading!

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Your $99 Body Wrap Distributor Kit includes:

  • 1 box of It Works Body Wraps (Ultimate Body Applicators – 4 Count)
  • Blitz Cards (promotional business cards/coupons)
  • Success from Home Magazine (Full Feature of It Works)
  • Catalogs
  • Loyal Customer Order Forms
  • Distributor Forms
  • Other promotional and marketing materials
  • Success on Demand (one of, if not the largest Personal Development video/audio/text library)
  • Replicated website, and *eSuite free for 30 days

Everything you need to get started with this great company and opportunity. You will have your own body wrap It Works business up and running!

*Check $20 esuite and replicated website at signup, FREE for the first month!

*You will need to setup a $80 bv autoship, so that you can be a qualified body wrap distributor to receive your commission checks. What many other distributors do, is order 2 boxes of wraps or a product pack monthly on auto ship because the wraps go fast and you can cover your auto ship with that money when you sell them. So, that’s only $80 to virtually run a potential million dollar business from your home. Ready to ROCK THIS?! πŸ™‚

Body Wrap Distributor

See right now, becoming an It Works body wraps distributor is HALF PRICE! Normally, $199, it’s running at $99! But that won’t last long. It Works Global is offering a once in a lifetime chance with a company that’s growing with AMAZING momentum …and at HALF PRICE! It’s CRAZY! CRAZY AWESOME! So just click the button below, and let’s start changing lives…starting with YOURS!!!!!! πŸ™‚

Body Wrap Distributor

Just want to get your hands on It Works Body Wraps at a discounted price?

It Works Body Wraps

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