Beauty By ELF (Target Makeup Haul!)

ELF Makeup Haul
I want to start this post off by saying I have not been sponsored by nor contacted by ELF or Target to write this post. I purely just went shopping and came home to make a video and show you guys what I bought 🙂 Just a little girly shopping trip to share with you all! 🙂

ELF Haul

SO I’ve been loving the YouTube world of beauty bloggers for a LONG time, but have never really been much of a makeup/girly girl. As the last year or so has gone on, I’ve been playing with make ups! 😀 How fun is it!? haha!

I decided to add makeup tutorials and makeup/shopping hauls to my YouTube channel….because…who doesn’t want their channel to represent everything that they love!?

So my 1st makeup haul was a TON of ELF products from Target! ELF stands for Eyes Lips Face and it’s…


I’ve used ELF before (basically b/c it’s dirt cheap), but hadn’t really branched out beyond the basics. I’m the girl who uses a BB cream, some blush, some mascara, and some lip balm. I NEVER branch out LOL

I decided to start branching out with something that was pretty inexpensive first so I could see how my skin reacts, what colors I like and don’t like, and shoot…even how to USE some of these makeupy things! 😛


It’s literally a block from my house (who could be so lucky!? 🙂 )

I headed straight to the makeup section, and they have a pretty decent sized ELF selection, although not nearly as many choices as ELF has online! 🙂

I picked up some:

  • High Definition Powder (never used before!) $6
  • Studio Lip Balm in Pink $3
  • Makeup Mist and Set Finishing Spray (never used before!) $3
  • Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Summer Nights $3
  • Clear Brow and Lash Gel $3
  • Eyebrow Kit (with wax and powder) (never used before!) $3
  • Eyelash Curler $1

You’ll see in the video below that I picked up some other random beauty things too, but I just wanted to blog about ELF for now 😉

So I’ve been using the products for a few days now, and I’ve tried the powder, lip balm, setting spray, eyebrow gel, and eyelash curler.

#1—The powder is SO SO SO fine. It literally goes everywhere every time I take off the lid. LOL BUT the redeeming quality it has is that it goes on SO nicely! Makes my face look so smooth and soft. Winner winner chicken dinner!

#2—The finishing spray smells and feels SO good. I thought it would feel totally strange spraying stuff on my face (I was especially nervous because I have really sensitive skin, and so far no clogged pore issues!). It’s super nice!

#3—The lip balm is not so intense….which is a good thing! Because I’m not a lipstick wearer, I was afraid the pink would be too pink. It wasn’t. It was just a nice glossy pink! Hooray!

#4—The eyebrow gel is amazing. But don’t get too excited yet…I have literally never ever done anything (aside from plucking) my eyebrows. So when I brush them out with the gel wand, they look 7685 times better! hahahaha….I’m pretty sure that just means I need to “do” my brows more often! 😉

#5–I need to figure out the eyelash curler. You may be thinking…”uh, Heather…what’s to figure out?”…well, my eyelashes didn’t curl! So I’m convinced it has to be a user error rather than a tool error…so MORE PRACTICE it is!

My favorite ELF products that I have been using before the haul were the blush/bronzer duo and the mascara, so I’m no stranger to falling in love with ELF! So I’m looking forward to falling in love with some of the things from this haul too!

What’s your favorite ELF product? Comment below or comment on the video on YouTube and let me know!

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