Are You Sitting On A Gold Mine?

gold mine

gold mine

I just wanted to post a quick post about this little quote I found the other day. But first, before my thoughts, I want to tell you about my day. Not because I think you care about my every move, but because I want to encourage you a little 🙂

Today, I spent my entire day focused almost entirely on my kids. I know, as moms (especially stay at home moms!) we tend to think we do that already! But we are often occupied with other things or being busy that we forget to really stop and enjoy the little moments and quirks about our kids.

Today, I started the day grumbling…basketball games at 715 in the morning on a Saturday. Who does that? Seriously, who decides that that’s a good idea? LOL

But really, once we all got up and got going and got to the gym, my 7 year old’s eyes light up about basketball…and he’s GOOD! It’s exciting to watch him do something he loves and be able to cheer him on.

Then we came home and my kids ASKED to clean house. Yeah, you read that right. They WANTED to help. And boy did they! While one vacuumed and the other tidied the toy room, I was able to knock out the laundry and dishes and bathrooms! Winning! Then they helped me totally rearrange the kitchen. 🙂

Then, when I squealed with delight at the good job they did, they BEAMED and hugged me so hard. #CleaningIsWorthItToday 😉

Then we hit the library for Dino day, had pizza, and ice cream and watched a new movie before bedtime. It wasn’t anything amazing, but it was a seriously special day where I truly felt like I got to SEE my kids. Usually we get so caught up in the day to day that we totally miss the PEOPLE. We can be so distracted by life that we think, oh well I spent the whole day with them, I’ve shown them love and attention. But that’s not even true at all! Spending today like I did, made me realize I need to drop the “should do this” “should do that”…and do more quality time. I spend every waking moment with my kids (well, for the most part, you know), but it’s not often we get a whole day to really REALLY connect. It was awesome. I have great kids 🙂

Ok, so that quote up there…how’s this for a segue?….

…PEOPLE. We’re all standing on a gold mine….of people and relationships.

See THAT is what LIFE is all about. People. Relationships.

When we can align our passion and purpose with those who we love, those who care about us, and so that we’re in a position to care for and love others above all….we’re aligning ourselves with a GOLD MINE!

But just because we’re surrounded with people we can impact on a daily basis, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Just like in my day today…I’m surrounded by my kids all day long, but I don’t always make a MEANINGFUL impact on them. Sure I’ll always be mom, and they’ll always know I’m here for them and I love them…but days like today are memories that stick. But I had to dig today. Truly focus on being in and enjoying each moment. Not that it was hard, but a million other distractions popped into view…bills, Facebook, email, bickering, etc. Choosing to dig into a few of the people I love, made this day amazing. It enriched my kids’ lives AND my own.

See that’s how awesome digging into PEOPLE is. You can make such a difference to the PEOPLE around you, and when you do that with open hearts, you get that love right back.

A lot of people would be doing themselves a BIG favor to realize that they may be overlooking the people in their lives who really are the next step to completing their true purpose. The people who love you have been given to you to help in your journey. Shutting them out, thwarts your rise.

Connect. Love. Dig deeper. Because one day, people and memories will be all that matter to you <3

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