7 Foods to Keep Your Va-Jay-Jay Healthy

Foods for Vaginal Health

7FoodsForVaginalHealthLook, we all have em (well, I assume ‘we’ do. Most of my readers are chics, after all.). So we may as well be comfortable discussing them!

We may be inclined to ignore this area of our bods, but we really shouldn’t. As women, our hooha is a pretty important part of us and can always use some extra lovin’ (you see what I did there? 😉 )

And here’s the deal, I didn’t even really care that much about the care ‘it’ needs until I read this post by, GASP, a man! Forreal. It sorta changed how I think about myself as a woman. The guy is spot (Baha! I’m full of puns!) on about how much credit we really deserve just for having a vag, man!

Look, the guy who wrote the post is hysterical. If you have lady parts, do yourself a favor and read his post. Then come back here to see my 7 foods for vaginal health that can help you keep your “lady garden” in check. 😉

These foods are good for you ANYWAY, so now they do double duty for your… coochie? (I’m sorry, I’m done now.) 😉

1. Yogurt

This one kinda seems like a no-brainer to me. If you eat a diet full of live cultures (like yogurt contains), it cuts down on the growth of yeast. Less yeast means less chance of getting a yeast infection. Probiotics are GREAT for us!

2. Garlic

Antimicrobial and antifungal. Need I say more?

3. Cranberry Juice

You knew it was good for UTIs, and now you know…it’s good for your nether regions too!

4. Dark Chocolate

Happy ladies rejoice! Yet another time when chocolate is recommended and good for us! Try to stick to a quality dark chocolate. 80% organic cacao is DE-LISH!

5. Nuts and Seeds

These are high in Vitamin E and other oils, so that aids in preventing dryness. And no one wants their lady bits to feel like the Sahara.

6. Fruits and Veggies

Eating plant-based food reduces menstrual cramps, improves your skin, and gives you an easier orgasm. (<–Hello!)

7. Water

Duh. Your biz loves water just as much as the rest of your body.

These all seem like pretty easy ways to keep our ‘tunnel of love’ functioning perfectly, right? I mean I have all of those things in my house right now.

And I really have been realizing lately just how much WATER plays a role in menstrual health too. When I haven’t been drinking all of my water for the day, cramps and the whole dang period is more intense than normal. Also, when I forget be lazy and decide not to work out the few days before Aunt Flo visits, she’s extra snarky to me. So working out, even just a little bit, helps tame the beast too!

Check out my 27 tips to slim down, over on the right, because a lot of those tips help with “leak week” and every last bit of PMS too!

Now, go forth and healthify those puppies…er, kitties? You know what I mean.

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